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  • Mario Game: Super Mario Bring-it-on 1;Shadow Mario's revenge 1.0

    This is my very first game that uses my own egine and the ideas of others. Made by me; fight bosses, and beat each level of this classic platformer
  • Mario Game: Mario's Adventure: Cyber Mario 1.0

    WORLD 2 is now here! Ok I decided to tone down the graphics a bit, so don't think your going blind ;). Also I decided to cancel the variable jumping
  • A.I. Friend 1.0

    A.I. Friend is a research tool and a calculator. A.I. Friend process natural language (English) and will talk to you. Your research on internet will
  • VB Friend 2.0

    Visual Basic productivity addin Add indentation, complete missing code, AutoCorrect, backup and get more desktop space. VB Friend beautifies code
  • MP3 Friend 0.1

    MP3 Friend adds cover art to your MP3s based on the files artist and album or track title tags, allows you to delete cover art from one or more MP3s
  • Make-A-Friend 2004.02

    Make-A-Friend is a revolutionary new tool for driving your sales. As a small business owner, you know satisfied customers are the best marketing
  • Friend Blaster Pro V2.1

    MySpace FriendBlasterPro enables you to grow your MySpace Friends. You simply enter your information, and hit start. You can search bands/people and
  • Anonymous Friend 4.0

    Anonymous Friend toolbar masks the IP address by routing your traffic through foreign anonymous proxies, remaining completely anonymous while
  • IQ Friend Finder 1.0

    IQ Friend Finder - Whether you are in a crowded night club or at an outdoor concert, this application will help your friends find you. Stop wasting
  • Hi5 Friend Adder Bot 1

    # Features Automatically gather friend ids and send friend requests based on age, gender, geographic location, interests, or randomly using the
  • Wallpaper Friend 1.1

    Program changes desktop wallpaper on the given time period.Features:- multiple folders addition (with subfolders scan)- drag & drop folders- change
  • Super Tell A Friend PRO 5.0

    Tell a friend referrals bring the best traffic a website can get, because a referral adds real credibility to your message.Let your visitors can
  • Yahoo Friend 1.1.9

    Extra cool emoticons and window effects Yahoo Friend is a Yahoo! Messenger plugin designed to add extra fun to your chatting through a large
  • A.I. Friend Lite 1.0

    The inclusive. A.I. Friend is capable of working as a research tool and a calculator. It talks to you by processing natural languages as well as it
  • Friend Click 1 6

    FriendClick is a new lightweight solution for adding friends. It helps you build points automatically on some of today’s most popular friend
  • Friend Follower 2.0

    Twitter Marketing Software - Find Like-Minded Twitter Followers and Automate Twitter Posts! We Offer Several Different Pricing Plans To Meet Each
  • Yahoo! Friend 1.1.9

    You can make your chatting more enjoyable with inclusive Yahoo messenger plug-in Yahoo! Friend. Its usage enables you to send cool emoticons to your
  • My Friend Pingu

    My Friend Pingu is a desktop toy that will put a penguin on your desktop. Pingu will stare at you, and will try to call your attention, so that you
  • Santa And Friend 1

    The theme contain sounds, icons, Cursors, screensaver with mutable music, start and shutdown
  • Tell Your Friend PHP Script -

    This is a Script for recommend a PaGE to a
  • Music Friend 0.0.4

    Music Friend is a program written in Visual Basic. It is used to Organize Music Collections especially for people that have full mp3 albums on their
  • My Simple Friend

    My Simple Friend is a free personal Journal software program. My Simple Friend was built for those who do not require the fancy bells and whistles of
  • Send to a Friend 1.04

    This is a Script for Send to a
  • Outlook friend 1.0

    This program will minimize MS Outlook or Outlook ExPress into an icon in the Clock area so that it doesn't take precious space on the taskbar.
  • Tell A Friend Script 0.41

    This Tell A Friend Script is a great viral marketing tool. This script allows for users to specify a Quick Note to their friend, a super easy
  • Friend of Delphi 1.1

    This is a small collection of utilities in one program:Add or remove comment characters (//) to/from a block of code lines, get the key value of Any
  • Travelers Friend 2.0

    Gives a Traveler 5 time zone clocks, access to a personal Currency Converter and traveler episodes access to the World Duty Free Price
  • Friend&Love

    Friend&Love Is a free dating script written in PHP with MySQL Database. The basic features are included: profile, adult profile, send an unlimited
  • My Daily Friend

    Are you tired of trying to remember where you have written something? Keeping a personal Journal has never been easier! With Modern computing,
  • Spider-Man: Friend or Foe 1.0

    The new twist on the legend is Spider-Man: Friend or Foe game that is full of action and adventures. It is originally announced through a
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  • Mario Game: Super Mario Bros: Dual Dash 1.0

    Super mario Bros: Dual Dash is a SMB2 like mario platformer where you have to play with both mario and Luigi at the same time. Or you can play it with a
  • Mario Forever Galaxy 1.8

    Welcome to the continuation of famous mario. mario Forever Galaxy is the sequel of the popular game of mario Forever. Many things have changed compared to the first part. The evil Bowser rebuilt his army and he
  • Super Mario All-Stars: 25th Anniversary Edition 1.0

    Super mario All-Stars - 25th Anniversary Edition will include a Super mario All-Stars Disk case containing Super mario Bros., Super mario Bros. 2, Super mario Bros. 3 and Super mario Bros.: The Lost Levels all on one
  • Super Mario Castle 1.0 1.0

    mario castle is the terrifying sequel to our previously added mario Game, mario Land! This awesome mario Game features the same sort of style and layout of it s mario Land brother but this time you are in the castle!
  • Gry Gry Mario 1.0

    Gry Gry mario is simple platform game based on old famous game conception - Super mario Bros 3. Like other Super mario Bros fangames the gry Gry mario have big World Map with level boxes, you can travel from one to
  • Mario Game: Mario's Panic capture 1.0

    An all new original mario game, where a 2-D mario swims, runs,and leaps, in order to stomp Bowser once again! This time around mario's got a new weakness: a panic disorder. Can you keep mario from a severe panic attack
  • Mario Game: Super Mario CJ 1.0

    mario embarks on another adventure to save Princess Peach. Bowser has kidnapped her but this time he has planned it very well (undoubtedly with help from Kamek).mario dons different overalls and caps to become Super
  • Super Mario Bros. X 1.2.2

    Super mario Bros. X is a massive project that blends elements from Super mario 1, 2, 3 and World. It has many power ups, such as the Hammer Suit, Tanooki Suit, Kuribo's shoe, The Billy Gun, and many old and new Yoshis.
  • Super Mario Sunshine 128 1.0

    Super mario Sunshine 128 of the well known Nintendo mario games series. Guide Super mario and make your way through the Mushroom Kingdom in this mario game mix between Super mario Sunshine and Super mario 64. Use the
  • Super Mario Flashy 1.0

    This mario game is the duplicate of original mario that's why it doesnot has good graphics. The fans of mario can play it. In this game you will use arrow keys for controlling the mario and your aim is to gather golden
  • Super Mario Racing 2 1.0

    mario is racing again with Toad, Lugi, princess,Bowser,etc. However, It is not easy for mario to get to the first place, he will has to stop his opponents from passing him by taking all of them out of the race. Go and
  • Mario Game: Super Luigi Dreams 1.0

    Here it is! The long-awaited Super Luigi Dreams! mario is off to rescue Princess Peach, kidnapped yet again by Bowser, and Luigi is left at home doing chores. Suddenly when mario leaves, a fairy runs to the mario
  • Mario Game: Super Mario Dark 1.0

    mario is just getting out of bed when he hears a roar. Is is Bowser? mario runs out and sees a figure cloaked in shadow. He realizes it is Bowser when it breathes fire at him. mario is too tired to jump over it, and gets
  • Super Mario World 2 1.0

    While planning the perfect vacation on Dinosaur Island, things go awry for mario and Luigi when they learn that Princess Peach has once again been kidnapped by the ever-diabolical Bowser. Being chivalrous plumbers, mario
  • Mario Kart Racing 1.0

    mario Kart Racing mario always wanted to learn to drive a kart. But for some reason mario can t fathom it. Can you help mario with controlling the kart and collect all the coins? Use your keyboard to play this
  • Super Mario Forever - Block Party 2.0

    Now you will play the magic blocks land of mario Forever. In this game the enemies are Evil, crafty Bowser and his friend Kemek. They have created a new machine and wants to fill Toadstoll land with magic blocks by
  • Super Mario Bros. Lost in BuzznLand 1.0

    mario is trapped in BuzznLand and his only option is to explore the surroundings. Super mario Bros. Lost in BuzznLand is a fun arcade game inspired by the mario series. Join mario in another great adventure in BuzznLand
  • Super Mario Bros. 2010 1.0

    Yet another mario fan game to play in your spare time. Super mario Bros. 2010 is a fantastic mario fan game that will take you through 8 challenging worlds in the Mushroom Kingdom. Play over 70 levels of pure mario fun
  • Superstar Chefs 1.1

    Help the Superstar Chefs find the stolen recipes or they will get in big trouble! Classic jump 'n' run action for 1 or 2 players simultaneously.This game features 64 levels of varied scenery, try to beat them all alone
  • Super Mario 3: Mario Forever Lost Map 1.0

    Super mario 3: mario Forever Lost Map 1.0 is an exciting game which is an additional campaign for mario Forever. mario found a lost map which leading to secret world. Again you must fight against Bowser minions and reach
  • Super Mario Playgrounds 1.0

    Super mario Playgrounds. The new adaptation of the mario Minix minigame included to mario Forever. beat all enemies on the screen and gather
  • Super Mario Playgrounds 1 1.0

    Super mario Playgrounds. The new adaptation of the mario Minix minigame included to mario Forever. beat all enemies on the screen and gather
  • Mario Game: Sneak n' Snore 1.0

    Oh no! mario has been captured and imprisoned in Bowser's Chomp Fortress! This kooky castle is home to many Chain Chomps, all trained specifically to end mario's game on sight! Time for mario to activate stealth mode
  • Super Mario Ice 2 1.0

    The continuation of Super mario Ice 1. Now our hero mario must find magical crystals in ice age. Yes that's right and it's very risky adventure only you and mario will be able to do that. Can you help him? Cool game for
  • Mario Game: Super Mario Legacy: Demo 2 1.0

    Super mario Legacy is a 3D mario platformer made by me, MrGuy. It aims to replicate classic mario gameplay in a 3D setting. This demo contains all of World 1 (6
  • Mario Game: Super Mario Bratarsi 1.0

    Yeah, Super mario Bratarsi. The mario fangame that is mix of SMB2, SMB3, SMW. Read smarthelp.txt before playing! 3 levels in demo, enjoy. A in level select changes mario
  • Mario Bmx 1.0

    mario is back in another bike cycling ride through the kingdom! mario BMX mario is once again in the crazy world and lost his way, help him complete the levels on his bmx and collect as many coins as possible. Use Arrow
  • Super Mario Bandit Bros 1.0

    In the world of Super mario, but not mario. Grab the coins and dodge and jump on the creatures. Play as one of the dangerous minions of Bowser's army. Fight agains mario
  • Mario Game: Super Mario Everything 2 1.0

    This is the demo to Super mario Everything 2. For those who are wondering "What the hell happened to Super mario Everything 1?!", well, I'll explain. The original Super mario Everything was my first fangame I ever made.
  • Super Mario Flash 1.0 1.0

    This is basically a remake of the original Super mario Brothers games. If you re always tired of mario being the hero, you can change his name with your own. Now your low self-esteem can be refilled. The game also