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  • Super Mario Advance for GBA 1.0

    Nintendo R&D2 from SMB2 introduced a remake of mario Bros called the Super mario Advance for GBA which comes with many sound and graphical improvements and many new features like digital voice acting and multiple hit
  • Yoshi Click And Go 1.0

    yoshi Click and Go is a small and funny game where yoshi is the main character. Use the mouse to throw eggs into enemies and triggers. Click on the yoshi to jump, and shoot to enemies if you want to survive! Game have
  • Mario Game: Super Mario World RPG Demo 1.0

    Plot: Peach is kidnapped again but because of it being sometime around 2:00 AM nobody knows who it is. Most people suspect Bowser but nobody has seen him for a while.mario, being the hero he is, goes out to search for
  • Mario Game: Mario Jump And Go! 1.0

    This is my game, mario's Jump and Go. It's kinda like yoshi's Touch and Go but there are much more levels than 2 and there is also a endless mode just like yoshi's Touch and Go. So have fun and tell me how you like it by
  • Mario Game: Super Yoshi World 1.0

    In Super yoshi World mario has been kidnaped and yoshi has to hit switches, ride platforms, stop chain chomps, jump on goombas, and even travel to the moon to save him.I'm still new at game making but I think this is
  • Mario Game: Mario's World 1.0

    mario's world is an adventure game starring mario. When he grows up after his journey with yoshi he desides to get rid of
  • Mario Game: Super Mario Bros x 3 1.0

    There's 3 types of mario Games in this game - SMB2, SMB3, and yoshi's Island. I'm actually gonna change the yoshi's Island part. Anyawy, you have to go through time to save the
  • Mario Game: Yoshi's Mega Rush 1.0

    In this side scrolling game you play as mario riding yoshi to the goal. Created with Game Maker 8 Pro Controls: Arrow Keys - Move yoshi Shift Key - Jump Ctrl Key - Run (For big
  • Super Mario Bros Forever - Flash 2.0

    mario Forever Flash - Adaptation of the famous Super mario Bros 3: mario Forever now available in the world of online games. Of course the mission is to face evil Bowser and the army of his small soldiers. Don't let the
  • Yoshi's Islands Frozen Paradise for SNES 1.0

    yoshi's Islands Frozen Paradise is the latest installment in the series which is very entertaining featuring yoshi as the main character. The game also features mario, Luigi, and King Bowser as babies. In the story, a
  • Yoshi's Island Icons 0.9

    yoshi's Island Icons 0.9 will make you feel pleasant because it brings you 46 icons of various characters and objects from Super mario World 2: yoshi's
  • Wyspa Gier Mario 1.0

    Wyspa Gier mario is another clone of Super mario Bros based on the Wyspa Gier engine. Game was rebuilded to versus game. Select your favourite character mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Princess Peach, yoshi, Toad, and much
  • Super Mario Advance 3 - Yoshi's Island for GBA 1.0

    The most famous installment in the series of Super mario is Super mario Advance 3 - yoshi''s Island for GBA. Although the basic game play is same like previous games but it supports two new inclusive features. You can
  • Super Mario Yoshi Island - The Yoko 2.0

    yoshi's Island has a unique gameplay compared to other mario games. Instead of Baby mario/ Baby Luigi, yoshi is the main playable character. yoshi has a range of moves, such as swallow enemies, converting them into eggs
  • Mario Game: Tamayoshi Golden Edition 1.0

    NOW FEATURING REX and BIRDO!!! Ever wanted to own your own yoshi? Now you can! Raised a yoshi in three different stages- Egg, Baby, and Adult, with 3 random colors your yoshi could
  • Mario Game: Super Yoshi Bros 1.0

    Super yoshi Bros is a Adventure Platform where a little yoshi is trying to get of yoshi Island and see the outside world. and it is your job to help him get there! This is been made with Hello Engine 3 and is only a demo
  • Mario Game: Yoshi's Nightmare 1.0

    mario Game: yoshi's
  • Mario Game: Yoshi's Egg Rush! 1.0

    mario Game: yoshi's Egg
  • Mario Game: Super Mario X 1.0

    Choose from four different playable characters (mario, Luigi, Toad and yoshi) in this neat little
  • Mario Game: Dodge The Shyguys 2 1.0

    mario goes on a journey to retrieve Toadsworth's riches which were robbed by an enormous group of shyguys from yoshi's Island, but what will mario do when he finds out the they have not only taken the money, but Princess
  • Mario Game: Mario Poloa 1.0

    mario and Luigi hop on yoshi's back for an exciting game of polo. Features splitscreen
  • Mario Game: Mario's Exploit 2: Yoshi's Rescue 1.0

    The second in the 'mario's Exploit' series. I wanted to upload this before I go on my spring break vacation, anyway the game is about yoshi's journey to rescue mario from Bowser. You play as yoshi, as you use all of his
  • Mario Game: Baby Mario World 1.0

    Guide Baby mario through his first adventure ever using the help of many friends including yoshi, Poochie, and his star pal, Plink. Demo
  • Mario Game: Mario Kart XP 1.0

    Super mario Kart XP CHARACTERS: -mario -Luigi -Toad -Peach -Bowser -Donkey Kong -yoshi -Dry Bones -Shy Guy -Wario -Daisy -Waluigi ITEMS: -Please use bullet bill away from the wall From the SNES: -Mushroom -Banana
  • Mario Game: My Dead Little Yoshi Fangame 1.0

    This was my best attempt at creating a yoshi's Island-style fangame. I was trying to go for an adventure/exploration-style to the gameplay, but I didn't get very far, so there's only one tiny little area. and it's buggy.
  • Retro Mario World Super Mario Bros for SNES 1.0

    mario game's newer series is available named as 'Retro mario World Super mario Bros for SNES'. It makes use of previous features of mario game, Super Nintendo's 16-bit graphics and stereo sound. This game is based on
  • Super Mario Bros. Mario & Luigi for SNES 1.0

    mario game's newer series is available named as 'Retro mario World Super mario Bros for SNES'. It makes use of previous features of mario game, Super Nintendo's 16-bit graphics and stereo sound. This game is based on
  • Mario Game: Daisy: Redneck Cowgirl 1.0

    mario and friends have been kidnapped by a nuclear maniac, and Daisy and yoshi must team up to save the world! This shoot-'em-up has lots of gun action featuring old Nintendo accessories, but no blood or anything
  • Yoshi's Mega Rush 1.0

    Ride yoshi to the goal and don't let anything stop you. yoshi's Mega Rush is a fun side scrolling game in which you have to ride yoshi to the level goal without letting anything and anyone stop
  • Mario Game: Helicopter Havoc 1.0

    As one of many yoshi copters you must sail through a cave collecting coins and extra ammo for as long as you can. Oh and at this speed it might be a good idea not to touch any walls. The third game in a series created