mario and sonic online game

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  • Mario Vs Sonic Racing 1.0

    mario and sonic is back. The two characters of your favorite games are racing against each other. This time they are racing against each other, choose mario or sonic and clear all levels in the very cool game mario Vs
  • Fantastic Trio

    New free online platform game with your favorite heroes mario, sonic and Aladdin by Choose one hero of the fantastic trio - mario, sonic or Aladdin and start to play. Jump, collect coins that bring you
  • Sonic Lost in Mario Land 1.0

    There is a mild adult theme at the end of this game for comic effect, but it is still family-friendly despite that. sonic the Hedgehog is lost in the world of Super mario. Help him escape by defeating mario. Use the
  • Super Sonic Click 1.0

    Super sonic Click will have your sonic the hedgehog character flying through the levels at sonic speed, you hold down your mouse button to fly higher and release it to fly lower. Be careful that sonic doesn't hit
  • Sonic Extreme 1.0

    sonic returns in another platform classic where you must collect the golden rings. sonic is able to jump extra high in this game. The levels may look familiar to you, they look like levels from the Super Nintendo hit
  • Sonic Colours 1.0

    The action based game sonic Colours is different from the other sonic games because of super speed of sonic. In this game, sonic is capable of absorbing Color Power that is major power of enemies. This power makes him
  • Sonic Quiz 2 1.0

    Play sonic Quiz 2 flash game Test your sonic IQ. Answer 10 questions related to the sonic game
  • Play Super Mario: Flash Version 1.0

    Super mario online is a basic program that puts a direct link to a high quality flash version of the classic game "Super mario Brothers". This version is different in many ways but it still unmistakably mario.
  • Sonic Shadow XS 1.0

    sonic Shadow XS - Shadow the hedgehog online sonic game. Play Shadow hedgehog as main character and save the friends of sonic Land. Collect rings to get score and beat the levels by pushing hard and fast to right side of
  • Jump Mario 2 1.0

    Welcome to Jump mario by Welcome to Jump mario continuation by Rule mario as quick as possible through new levels, jump upwards as you grab stars, escape the monsters and
  • Neo-Sonic Godspeed 1.0

    Surely you remember the famous sonic, the blue hedgehog that brought so much success to the Sega Megadrive. Neo-sonic Godspeed, not an official game, see a return of our hero and others from the saga, like Shadow, with
  • Super Mario Castle 1.0 1.0

    mario castle is the terrifying sequel to our previously added mario game, mario Land! This awesome mario game features the same sort of style and layout of it s mario Land brother but this time you are in the castle!
  • Super Mario Flashy 1.0

    This mario game is the duplicate of original mario that's why it doesnot has good graphics. The fans of mario can play it. In this game you will use arrow keys for controlling the mario and your aim is to gather golden
  • Gry Gry Mario 1.0

    Gry Gry mario is simple platform game based on old famous game conception - Super mario Bros 3. Like other Super mario Bros fangames the gry Gry mario have big World Map with level boxes, you can travel from one to
  • Super Mario Power Coins 1.0

    Super mario Power Coins - Help mario catch coins and mushrooms in this online mario game. Press "JUGAR" to
  • Sonic Ball 2001 1.0

    sonic ball 2001 is a fast pace in your face break-out type game. Raise mayhem through tons of exciting levels. The game features: smooth game play, difficult levels, and hours of fun. If you aree looking for a challenge.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 3 for Genesis 1.0

    The fourth installment in the series of sonic the Hedgehog is sonic the Hedgehog 3. This game supports both single and multiplayer modes. You can select to play solo in the single player mode. You can ply either as a
  • Mario Play 1.0

    mario Play is a small Super mario Bros Fangame. It is very similiar to the mario Minix game from the Super mario 3 : mario Forever. But this time the graphics is improved. We are still working on the Score submission
  • Fancy Pants Adventure World 1.0

    This excellent variation of the classic mario and sonic plat formers features a game save function which allows you to return to the game in the future at the same level that you were playing previously. However, you
  • Super Mario Rush Arena 1.0

    Super mario Rush Arena is a very traditional action game. It is popular all over the world. In this game you mario can press Left/Right arrow key to move back/ahead. Up arrow key will help you to jump and kill your
  • Super Mario Bros. 2010 1.0

    Yet another mario fan game to play in your spare time. Super mario Bros. 2010 is a fantastic mario fan game that will take you through 8 challenging worlds in the Mushroom Kingdom. Play over 70 levels of pure mario fun
  • Sonic Spinball for Genesis 1.0

    sonic Spinball s a pinball video game in which a pinball simulation features sonic as the ball. The main difference from traditional pinball game is the ability to influence sonic's movement somewhat while moving,
  • Super Mario 63 1.0 1.0

    This awesome Super mario Bros platform jump and run adventure game is not ontly advisable for mario or Luigi fans! Use the arrow keys, Z, X and C to explore the world. Use your arrowkeys to play this free online flash
  • Gra Mario 1.0

    The Gra mario game is created by Reuch Shosh and its idea is based on Super mario Bros 3. In this game you have to walk on map and beat the special rooms with many kinds of environments, bowser minions, and traps.
  • Mario and Sonic Robotniks Duel 1.0

    Have fun with this frantic combat between sonic's characters. Controls: Player 1 - W,A,S,D and G to attack. Player 2 - Arrow keys and M to attack. Select from many characters like mario, sonic,
  • Sonic VB Suite ActiveX Control 1.0.1

    The sonic VB Suite all in one Activex control allows you to enhance your Visual Basic projects effortlessly. It is specially designed for Visual Basic 5 & 6 and supports all Windows Platforms including Windows Vista.
  • Mario Game: Mario's Panic capture 1.0

    An all new original mario game, where a 2-D mario swims, runs,and leaps, in order to stomp Bowser once again! This time around mario's got a new weakness: a panic disorder. Can you keep mario from a severe panic attack
  • Mario Game: Mario For The Masses 1.0

    One Day, when mario thought nothing bad would ever happen after the day he finnaly defeated Bowser. mario gets an invitation to the heroes party! It was in a place known as Gem Island, and he got free tickets to a plane
  • Mario Game: Super Mario PC Challenge 6 1.0

    In this game you play with mario or Luigi in over 40 Levels to rescue the princess (no mario-game without a crying princess ;-) ) and defend an important tower against Bowser. The graphics and sounds look sometimes like
  • Sonic Adventure DX Screensaver 1

    The beautiful sonic Adventure DX Screensaver is dedicated to the fans of sonic Adventure video game. It displays on your screen a video of sonic with both friends and