mario and peach

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  • Mario Game: Present Panic 1.0

    mario forgot to bring peach a gift for Christmas! Help mario collect presents for peach in this block pushing puzzle game. Created for Minigame Competition
  • Mario Game: Super Mario Oregon II 1.0

    Here it is! Super mario Oregon II. The story is Luigi was kidnapped by the dreaded Dry Bones dragon, Bonetail, and Princess peach helps out mario? mario has to save Luigi. Not to mention Princess peach's jewl is called
  • Mario Game: Super Mario CJ 1.0

    mario embarks on another adventure to save Princess peach. Bowser has kidnapped her but this time he has planned it very well (undoubtedly with help from Kamek).mario dons different overalls and caps to become Super
  • Mario Game: Super Mario Bros. in Crazy Castle 1.0

    Press F1 for controls. As always, peach has been kidnapped by Bowser, and mario's ability to jump has been removed by Bowser's spell. To regain it, mario must gather all 5 golden medals from 5 worlds, including Bowser's
  • Super Mario Bros. 8 1.0

    Save peach or Eric from the evil Bowser. Super mario Bros. 8 is a new adventure of mario in Mushroom Kingdom. Play as either mario or Gabbie and start on a new and fantastic adventure to save Princess peach or Eric from
  • Mario Game: Super Luigi Dreams 1.0

    Here it is! The long-awaited Super Luigi Dreams! mario is off to rescue Princess peach, kidnapped yet again by Bowser, and Luigi is left at home doing chores. Suddenly when mario leaves, a fairy runs to the mario
  • Mario Game: Super Mario World RPG Demo 1.0

    Plot: peach is kidnapped again but because of it being sometime around 2:00 AM nobody knows who it is. Most people suspect Bowser but nobody has seen him for a while.mario, being the hero he is, goes out to search for
  • Mario Game: Super Mario Fart 1.0

    This is a mario fangame in which mario need to save your friends peach, Yoshis and Luigi. mario has a special power: Fart Controls: X = jump Z = speed/fireballs DOWN + C =
  • Mario Game: Super Mario Bros: Journey to Peach 1.0

    mario Game: Super mario Bros: Journey to
  • Super Mario Box Icons Pack 1 -

    5 Icons based on Super mario characters. Pack 1 - PNG 256px -mario -Luigi -Toad -peach
  • Mario Game: Mario max surf deluxe 1.0

    I fixed the bug once and for all, anyway i want you to know that this is not the same as super mario surf. super mario surf is supposed to be an improvement and is still in development. Well this is it, it's officially
  • Mario Game: Super Mario Bros Classic 1.0

    Revive the world and ventures of mario. The peach princess is once again captured by horrible Bowser. mario will have crossed more than 25 levels in 6 different worlds to save her! A nostalgic and traditional game in
  • Mario Game: Super Mario and the Sacred Bells 1.0

    The most famous mario Game: Super mario and the Sacred Bells keep you busy in 27 different levels for several hours. mario, Luigi and peach are three characters of this game and they are on mission of ringing mystical
  • Mario Game: Super Mario Alpha: 100 Magic Stars 1.0

    Another nostalgic FZ title, based on the classic fangame. This is Super mario in classic, arcade "Donkey Kong" style single screen courses. Can you collect all the stars to save Princess peach before the timer runs out?
  • Mario Game: Super Mario Bros. 999 1.0

    Story: After publishing 998 Super mario Bros. games, Nintendo has published their 999th game! This game has TOTALLY NEW IDEAS! Some of these are that Bowser, instead of an enemy of mario, is still an enemy of mario, and
  • Mario Game: Evolution Mario 1.0

    Its been 25 years since mario's first battle with Bowser and 15 years since Bowser and his minions have been seen.Although the Shroom World has been rather peaceful for 15 years, peach Toadstool died of a rare disease,
  • Super Mario Peach Party 1 1.0

    The first part of the adventures of the land of Princess peach Party pictures. Find a few differencess between pictures and go to another level. The first level is easy but if you will be on higher levels the game
  • Mario Game: Mario's Moonwalk 1.0

    Story: mario was just taking a walk until all the sudden he finds this mysterious blue orb. It gives him the power to moonwalk... SUPER FAST! Larry Koopa finds out about it and tells bowser. At first all hope is lost for
  • Peach Gradients 1.0

    peach Gradients from coby17 is used to create peach effects in Photoshop. peach Gradients for Photoshop is a set of brush collection and all the brushes in it are creating amazing peach effects. Now it's free to
  • Super Peach Party 3 1.0

    Super mario the peach Party 3. The third part of the wonderful chillout mario game. Don't ask where is the secound part, we don't know, but this game will give you more entertaining than first part. Have a nice playing
  • Super Mario the Dark Dungeon 1.0

    Super mario the Dark Dungeon is the darky Super mario game. You main objective is to rescue the princess peach from the darky, dangerous and dirty dungeon where fiery hot lava is comming from walls and floor. Read more:
  • Mario Game: Star-Life Episode 1: A New Threat 1.0

    STORY: Another Day in the Mushroom Kingdom,mario, Toad, and peach were eating, or something like that. Soon mario saw Bowser's minions heading straight for the Mushroom Kingdom, but he knew Bowser was on vacation, so his
  • Super Mario Rambo Bros 1.0

    Play Rambo Bros. mario and Luigi break out the rifles to rescue peach and stop Bowser once and for all. Use many powerful weapons from soft rifles to ultra heavy sniper rifles! Many things in shop to buy and very
  • Mario Game: Super Mario Classic: Improved Original Edition 1.0

    My very first completed mario game. I use the overworld style 2-D platforming viewpoint often in my games, including Super mario Classic: Return. Anyway, this was originally finished around... let me see here...
  • MB Peach Blossom Numerology 1.0

    MB peach Blossom Numerology Software is based on the peach blossom numerology principles and finds the romance direction for you. If you are to meet or find your romance partner, you have to go in your romance direction,
  • Mario Super 1.0

    Now you will play the interesting Super mario Bros Game as famous red plumber named mario. In this game your aim is to help the Hi who is in mission of saving the princess peach. Its journey is full of evil minions and
  • Mario Game: Super Mario Adventure! 1.0 1.0

    Welcome to the World of Super mario Adventure! run, Jump, flip, dash, Fire, fun! Super mario Adventure is the first installment of The mario Adventure series it, the story goes as mario takes a vacation to rose town,
  • Mario Game: Super Mario: Sweetion 1.0

    OH NO, Bowser kid... oh wait, no, peach sent mario to collect candy for her to give out tonight, the day of Halloween. But someone is planning an evil scheme during this conversation! Will mario be able to get the candy
  • Mario Game: Dodge The Shyguys 2 1.0

    mario goes on a journey to retrieve Toadsworth's riches which were robbed by an enormous group of shyguys from Yoshi's Island, but what will mario do when he finds out the they have not only taken the money, but Princess
  • Wyspa Gier Mario 1.0

    Wyspa Gier mario is another clone of Super mario Bros based on the Wyspa Gier engine. Game was rebuilded to versus game. Select your favourite character mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Princess peach, Yoshi, Toad, and much