mario and luigi games

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  • Super Luigi 1.0

    There are many fan made games inspired by famous Super mario Bros, an old platformer made by Nintendo. There are many good games, but there are also some poor ones. Many original and playable ones that every player
  • Mario Game: Super Luigi Dreams 1.0

    Here it is! The long-awaited Super luigi Dreams! mario is off to rescue Princess Peach, kidnapped yet again by Bowser, and luigi is left at home doing chores. Suddenly when mario leaves, a fairy runs to the mario
  • Super Mario Flash 1.0 1.0

    This is basically a remake of the original Super mario Brothers games. If you re always tired of mario being the hero, you can change his name with your own. Now your low self-esteem can be refilled. The game also
  • Mario and Luigi RPG 4 1.0

    In the mario and luigi RPG 4 game, your aim is to help mario and luigi in protecting Mushroom Kingdom. They have to fight against their greater enemy and now it's up to you that how you help them in completing their
  • Super Mario Luigi 1.0

    In the Super mario luigi game, you can select your favorite character from mario or his green brother luigi. You have to fight against Bowser's enemies and for killing them; you will use fireballs and other cool
  • Mario Game: Super Mario Oregon II 1.0

    Here it is! Super mario Oregon II. The story is luigi was kidnapped by the dreaded Dry Bones dragon, Bonetail, and Princess Peach helps out mario? mario has to save luigi. Not to mention Princess Peach's jewl is called
  • Mario Game: Crazy Shell Bounce 1.0

    The object of the game is to keep the shell within the brick area, by moving mario and luigi on either side to kick the shell. With two players, Player 1 controls mario and Player 2 controls luigi in a cooperative
  • Mario Game: Gameboy 3-in-1 1.0

    This is my first mario related game im submiting to MFGG. I shall call it: Gameboy 3-in-1. There are exactly three games in here. mario's hammer dodge, Boo's flame, and luigi in the
  • Gangster Mario 1.0

    mario, luigi and their lesser known third brother Mr T have had enough of being plumbers! They are picking up shotguns and turning gangster, yo! Instructions, hints and cheats for mario Gangster Brothers: This is a light
  • Mario VS Luigi 1.0

    You will use your Mouse for playing interesting mario VS luigi game. In this game, mario and luigi are fighting against each other and trying their best for winning the fight. Let's see who is the
  • Super Mario Bros Forever - Flash 2.0

    mario Forever Flash - Adaptation of the famous Super mario Bros 3: mario Forever now available in the world of online games. Of course the mission is to face evil Bowser and the army of his small soldiers. Don't let the
  • Mario Game: Luigi's Story 1.0

    luigi is the star in this game. The princess is captured again and this time mario's not here to help. It's all up to luigi to Fight for Mushroom Kingdom. Where's mario. PLAY GAME IN 256 COLOR MODE IF GAME RUNS TOO SLOW
  • Super Mario Bomb 1.0

    Super mario Bomb mario is going into battle with luigi, Bowser, and Toad. mario will use one of his best bomb weapons to eliminated his opponents on the field. Eliminate other players on the battle field to win the game.
  • Super Mario Bros RPG 1.0

    Player 1 is mario Player 2 is luigi If there is no player 2 both mario and luigi will belong to Player 1 Category: Role Playing (RPG) Tileset: Lordaeron Summer Dimensions: 160x160 Playable Area: 148x148 Recommended
  • Super Mario Breakout MULTI 1.0

    A fun multiplayer breakout game featuring mario and luigi. mario and his brother luigi star in a brand new breakout game with various items from their adventures. Bounce the Koopa shell and score points against the
  • Mario Game: New Mario Bros. 1.0

    A demo of New mario Bros, which is a port of mario Bros. Play as mario, luigi, Toad, and even Bowser Jr. in various game modes. -All done in NSMB graphics. -Includes Classic enemies from mario Bros such as Spiny and
  • Super Mario World 2 1.0

    While planning the perfect vacation on Dinosaur Island, things go awry for mario and luigi when they learn that Princess Peach has once again been kidnapped by the ever-diabolical Bowser. Being chivalrous plumbers, mario
  • Bullet Bill 1.0

    In the shooting based game Bullet Bill, you have to shoot mario and luigi by using bullet that shot out from canon automatically. You can earn points by shooting mario and luigi as well as by hitting bricks and flags.
  • Mario Game: Super Mario Bros. Melee 1.0

    Made a long time ago with game maker, but still quite fun with another person. Features a 1 player mode (unfinished and pathetic) and a 2 player mode (way better). The 2 player mode has 3 different games to play:
  • Mario Game: Super Mario Fart 1.0

    This is a mario fangame in which mario need to save your friends Peach, Yoshis and luigi. mario has a special power: Fart Controls: X = jump Z = speed/fireballs DOWN + C =
  • Mario Game: Super Mario Bros: Dual Dash 1.0

    Super mario Bros: Dual Dash is a SMB2 like mario platformer where you have to play with both mario and luigi at the same time. Or you can play it with a
  • Super Mario Rambo Bros 1.0

    Play Rambo Bros. mario and luigi break out the rifles to rescue Peach and stop Bowser once and for all. Use many powerful weapons from soft rifles to ultra heavy sniper rifles! Many things in shop to buy and very
  • Super Mario Luigi Pong 1.0

    We can find many interesting types of cult games in the world. Some of them are small, so they do not need so much space on hard drive. Many of cult games have started their series on old platforms like old Nintendo
  • Mario Game: Mario Adventure Final 1.0

    Play as mario or luigi in this 3d game based on Super mario Bros.
  • MegaMario 1.0

    Mega mario is a Super mario Bros. 1 clone. It features everything the original features - with better graphics, higher resolution, smoother movement and new levels. The story of mario and luigi continues in old-school
  • Super Mario Box Icons Pack 1 -

    5 Icons based on Super mario characters. Pack 1 - PNG 256px -mario -luigi -Toad -peach
  • Mario Game: Mario & Luigi - Coin Desaster 1.0

    I made that Game some months ago (at the Mini Game Competition "Team Play). Gameplay: Collect with mario the red coins and with luigi the green. But dont touch with mario the green ones or with luigi the red coins! and
  • Mario Game: Super Mario Epic 3 (July 2006 Demo) 1.0

    The first ever public demo of Super mario Epic 3! Take control of either mario or luigi and explore the playable level, Sunset
  • Mario and Luigi Bros 2.0

    Super mario is a Super mario Bros. 1 clone. It features everything the original features - with better graphics, higher resolution, smoother movement and new levels. The story of mario and luigi continues, in old-school
  • Mario Game: Mario max surf deluxe 1.0

    I fixed the bug once and for all, anyway i want you to know that this is not the same as super mario surf. super mario surf is supposed to be an improvement and is still in development. Well this is it, it's officially