mario all stars

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  • Super Mario All-Stars: 25th Anniversary Edition 1.0

    Super mario all-stars - 25th Anniversary Edition will include a Super mario all-stars Disk case containing Super mario Bros., Super mario Bros. 2, Super mario Bros. 3 and Super mario Bros.: The Lost Levels all on one
  • Mario Galaxy Star Finder 1.0

    The mario Galaxy Star Finder is a small fangame created by mario Galaxy fans! Your main objective is to find magic stars in Super mario Galaxy levels, try to find all the stars and beat all levels. Good luck and have a
  • Super Mario ATV 1.0

    Super mario is on another adventure. New Super mario game in moto racing style. Now you can ride on mario ATV and collecting stars. If you get stuck press R to restart the level. Use Arrow keys to drive your
  • Super Mario Starshine 1.0

    Super mario starshine, another Super mario Clone basing and testing the eye ability and dexterity. Your main objective is to find magic stars on the Super mario
  • Super Mario Classic World 1.0

    Super mario Classic World. This super mario bros platform game is dedicated for people which likes the classic arcade mario games. Ony jumping, collectin the coins, using the mushroms, fire flowers and power stars,
  • Mario Jumper 1.0

    mario Jumper is an interesting adventure game for free. mario is pretty good at kung fu, in his spare time, striking some innocent turtles and chew some sort of mushrooms is a pretty way to relax himself. Recently, he
  • Mario Game: Peach's Quest 1.0

    Story'll be: Bowser has captured mario, Luigi and Toad with the power of the castle stars, and Peach has to get the stars back, and save them.. simple =) Press F1 for the
  • Mario Game: Super Mario Fan Galaxy 1.0

    If you wanna keep saved data you have to unzip the game. A sequel to Super mario Fangame, with mario Galaxy theme. Over 9 Galaxies, challenge comets,4 Bosses and 25 stars to
  • Jump Mario 1.0

    Jump mario is an interesting adventure game for free. Find the plumber with the red cap in Jump mario, a play of adventure proposed by the site free game Help mario to collect the maximum of stars without it
  • Super Mario the Star Finder 1.0

    Super mario the Star finder is continuation of the Super mario starshine fangame. Find magic stars in Galaxy levels, and try to avoid pointless clicking if you do not want to lose all
  • Jump Mario 2 1.0

    Welcome to Jump mario by Welcome to Jump mario continuation by Rule mario as quick as possible through new levels, jump upwards as you grab stars, escape the monsters and
  • Mario Game: Super Mario Alpha: 100 Magic Stars 1.0

    Another nostalgic FZ title, based on the classic fangame. This is Super mario in classic, arcade "Donkey Kong" style single screen courses. Can you collect all the stars to save Princess Peach before the timer runs out?
  • Super Mario Spot the Difference 1.0

    Internet is full of mario Games these days. all of them are based on the original Super mario Bros. New mario games have better graphic, music and some new elements. They can also be used on computers without having any
  • Super Mario Breakout 1.0

    A fun breakout game featuring mario. mario stars in a brand new breakout game with various items from his adventures. Bounce the Koopa shell and destroy the blocks. Have
  • Staries 1.1.0

    In this game there are some stars of different colours. You need to move the stars so that 3 or more stars of the same colour are connected and then they will be destroyed. You must destroy stars as quickly as possible
  • Super Mario All-Stars for SNES 1.0

    The Super mario all-stars for SNES version has many changes. The unique change you will see that in original game when mario was little and jumped under a breakable block he would not lose his speed momentum but in
  • Mario Game: Super Mario Galaxy: A Blue Star Adventure 1.0

    Story: Two years after the events of Super mario 63, the Orb of Power comes back and destroys the world from it's inner core. mario and Luigi can escape with a slingstar, but the explosion hurts their legs badly, so they
  • Mario Game: Mario vs New Wario Order World Tour 1.0

    A truly unique fangame. Choose from 8 different characters and travel through different areas of mario's World. Collect items in these worlds to open minigames, which you can play to earn stars, which you will need to
  • Mario Game: Super Mario: The Star Quest 1.0

    In Super mario: Star Quest, you must collect stars from 5 levels. Bowser has stolen 25 stars and hidden them among various traps. Your job is to release them! Featuring surprisingly different levels, high-quality music
  • Super Mario Castle 1.0 1.0

    mario castle is the terrifying sequel to our previously added mario Game, mario Land! This awesome mario Game features the same sort of style and layout of it s mario Land brother but this time you are in the castle!
  • Gry Gry Mario 1.0

    Gry Gry mario is simple platform game based on old famous game conception - Super mario Bros 3. Like other Super mario Bros fangames the gry Gry mario have big World Map with level boxes, you can travel from one to
  • Mario Game: Mario's Panic capture 1.0

    An all new original mario game, where a 2-D mario swims, runs,and leaps, in order to stomp Bowser once again! This time around mario's got a new weakness: a panic disorder. Can you keep mario from a severe panic attack
  • Mario Game: Super Mario CJ 1.0

    mario embarks on another adventure to save Princess Peach. Bowser has kidnapped her but this time he has planned it very well (undoubtedly with help from Kamek).mario dons different overalls and caps to become Super
  • Super Mario Sunshine 128 1.0

    Super mario Sunshine 128 of the well known Nintendo mario games series. Guide Super mario and make your way through the Mushroom Kingdom in this mario game mix between Super mario Sunshine and Super mario 64. Use the
  • Super Mario Flashy 1.0

    This mario game is the duplicate of original mario that's why it doesnot has good graphics. The fans of mario can play it. In this game you will use arrow keys for controlling the mario and your aim is to gather golden
  • Super Mario Racing 2 1.0

    mario is racing again with Toad, Lugi, princess,Bowser,etc. However, It is not easy for mario to get to the first place, he will has to stop his opponents from passing him by taking all of them out of the race. Go and
  • Mario Game: Super Luigi Dreams 1.0

    Here it is! The long-awaited Super Luigi Dreams! mario is off to rescue Princess Peach, kidnapped yet again by Bowser, and Luigi is left at home doing chores. Suddenly when mario leaves, a fairy runs to the mario
  • Mario Game: Super Mario Dark 1.0

    mario is just getting out of bed when he hears a roar. Is is Bowser? mario runs out and sees a figure cloaked in shadow. He realizes it is Bowser when it breathes fire at him. mario is too tired to jump over it, and gets
  • Mario Kart Racing 1.0

    mario Kart Racing mario always wanted to learn to drive a kart. But for some reason mario can t fathom it. Can you help mario with controlling the kart and collect all the coins? Use your keyboard to play this
  • Mario Game: Super Mario Star Search 1.0

    This has nothing to do with the talent show! Its a fast-paced game where mario must smash enemies with his hammer, and, of course, search for