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  • Mario Game: Luigi's Walk 1.0

    Luigi's adventure, when he goes for a walk. arrows to move space to
  • Mario Game: Rosalina's Space Walk 1.0

    Rosalina's in a oxygen bubble, in space. Using the Touch Screen Engine (click/hold/drag on the playfield in the window), use the mouse to draw lines
  • Mario Game: Super Mario Bring-it-on 1;Shadow Mario's revenge 1.0

    This is my very first game that uses my own egine and the ideas of others. Made by me; fight bosses, and beat each level of this classic platformer
  • Tux Walk 1.0

    Linux Tux the Penguin is walking on the Windows
  • The Walk Log 1.0

    Whether you are a seasoned Walker or weekend fitness walker, The Walk Log is the only walking log software you will ever need. The Walk Log offers a
  • Starlight Walk 2.0

    The game is a terrific space shooter. The setting of this game is located in the outer space. Your objective is to switch on the lights on every
  • Zelda Walk 1.00

    A faithful recreation of Zelda. A faithful recreation of
  • Rope Walk 2.0

    You can play this for learning that how to walk on the rope in real because in this computer game, you will walk on the rope. Your aim is to walk on
  • Turkey Walk 112008

    Turkeys and pumpkins fill the background in this colorful Thanksgiving screen saver. There are turkeys walking across your screen as leaves fall from
  • web'n'walk USB manager 11.002

    You can send, receive, change and view text messages on your computer by using handy software web n walk USB manager. It is very easy to activate; you
  • Wiggi Walk

    Wiggi Walk is an interesting adventure game for free. Create your own Wiggi and go to the adventure in this game of puzzle that explains to children
  • Walk Path 1

    The theme all includes 2 high color original wallpaper optimized to fit 1024x768 and 800x600
  • Cool Walk DT 001

    This theme includes 1 high color original wallpaper optimized to fit 1024x768, 5 custom icons, 13 Cursors, system sounds, 3 start shutdown screens and
  • Cool Walk WP 1.0

    A beautiful maiden strolls through a cool forest. This zip file download includes both 1024x768 and 800x600 original, high quality, high color
  • Walk the Plank 1.0

    You must make the pirates walk the plank by spelling the words correctly. You can win a certificate and Print It!It has sound but only seems to work
  • Winter Walk -

    This red CoLT is stepping high in a field that is lightly covered with Snow and feeling his OATS on a cool crisp winters morning. Music By The
  • Walk with Santa 1.0

    Ah hell, I know it is early, but why not release a festive game now? This is a variation on the game Walk with Jack, released here mere days ago. I
  • Walk with Jack 1.0

    Original blink and you ll miss it gameplay. Unique blink and you ll miss it mechanic. Proof that what you can t see can t hurt you! This is a game
  • Snow Walk Solitaire 1.0

    One beautiful winter day, when snow reflects the rays of the sun, and the twittering of birds makes you feel that spring is in the air, Alex and July
  • Fantastic Walk Screensaver 1.0

    Parallel realities are penetrated by frantically dancing fireballs. Realities too are not stable: collapsing, colliding but miraculously rearranging
  • Christmas walk-around Clock 2.7

    Christmas Walk-Around is coming! Children, stand in the circle. Christmas walk-around time is coming. Let's sing and dance joining our hands. Santa
  • J Walk Windows Client 4.1038.1.500

    With the help of J Walk Window Client, you can get to know that why the file is not downloaded fully. Your file is not downloaded because of
  • The Moon Walk Screensaver 1.1

    The free screensaver, The Moon Walk, was created by and contains 22 high resolution images of the Moon. The Moon is the only
  • Silent Walk FPS Creator 1.0

    If you like playing 3D games, you might like to create your own game with custom scenes, characters, weapons and design your own gameplay. Silent Walk
  • Mario Game: Mario's Adventure: Cyber Mario 1.0

    WORLD 2 is now here! Ok I decided to tone down the graphics a bit, so don't think your going blind ;). Also I decided to cancel the variable jumping
  • Solar Photon Random Walk -

    The Solar Photon Random Walk Model simulates the path of photons in radiative transport as they escape from the Sun. Photons do not travel in a
  • Random Walk 1D Continuous Model -

    The EJS Random Walk 1D Continuous Model simulates a 1-D random walk with a variable step size. You can change the number of walkers and probability
  • Christmas walk-around Clock screensaver 3.1

    Children, stand in the Circle. Christmas walk-around time is coming. Let's sing and dance joining our hands. Santa Claus is preparing bags of
  • Calorie Kids Space Walk 1.0

    Calorie Kids Space Walk Game is an exciting animated logic strategy game. The objective is to push space station platforms up or down in order to get
  • Calorie Kids Space Walk for MAC 1.0

    Calorie Kids Space Walk Game is an exciting animated logic strategy game. The objective is to push space station platforms up or down in order to get
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  • Gra Mario 1.0

    The Gra mario game is created by Reuch Shosh and its idea is based on Super mario Bros 3. In this game you have to walk on map and beat the special rooms with many kinds of environments, bowser minions, and traps.
  • Mario Sunshine 1.0

    mario Sunshine 64 is a new adaptation of Super mario Bros but now in 3d. marioCity fans created a small fangame in 3 dimension world. Now you can in Super mario Bros walk and run inall directions. Graphics was optimised
  • Mario Game: Super Mario, TWISTED 1.0

    Made for the minigame competition #27 on the forum. (It came on second place ^^) Anyway. In this minigame you have to guide mario to the coin on each level.To do that you have to twist the screen so that mario can walk
  • Super Mario Flash 2 1.0

    Super mario Flash 2 contain more types ledges, water tiles and different kind of slopes. mario has also more moves, he can : swim, slide, climb on wines, walk on walls and fly using his magic cape. Use the ARROW KEYS to
  • Mega Mario 1.0

    In the game you play mario and your task is to free his brother Luigi, who was captured by evil Bowser. mario is controlled by Keyboard or Gamepad using the arrowkeys to walk, Space / A to jump and CTRL / B to run/fire.
  • Mario Game: Mario's Moonwalk 1.0

    Story: mario was just taking a walk until all the sudden he finds this mysterious blue orb. It gives him the power to moonwalk... SUPER FAST! Larry Koopa finds out about it and tells bowser. At first all hope is lost for
  • Wyspa Gier Mario 1.0

    Wyspa Gier mario is another clone of Super mario Bros based on the Wyspa Gier engine. Game was rebuilded to versus game. Select your favourite character mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Toad, and much
  • MegaMario 1.0

    Mega mario is a Super mario Bros. 1 clone. It features everything the original features - with better graphics, higher resolution, smoother movement and new levels. The story of mario and Luigi continues in old-school
  • Super Mario All-Stars: 25th Anniversary Edition 1.0

    Super mario All-Stars - 25th Anniversary Edition will include a Super mario All-Stars Disk case containing Super mario Bros., Super mario Bros. 2, Super mario Bros. 3 and Super mario Bros.: The Lost Levels all on one
  • Super Mario Castle 1.0 1.0

    mario castle is the terrifying sequel to our previously added mario Game, mario Land! This awesome mario Game features the same sort of style and layout of it s mario Land brother but this time you are in the castle!
  • Gry Gry Mario 1.0

    Gry Gry mario is simple platform game based on old famous game conception - Super mario Bros 3. Like other Super mario Bros fangames the gry Gry mario have big World Map with level boxes, you can travel from one to
  • Mario Game: Mario's Panic capture 1.0

    An all new original mario game, where a 2-D mario swims, runs,and leaps, in order to stomp Bowser once again! This time around mario's got a new weakness: a panic disorder. Can you keep mario from a severe panic attack
  • Mario Game: Bubble Mario 1.0

    A mediocre game which features mario... in a bubble. Includes multiple worlds and boss battles. Bowser has kidnapped the princess. He locked her inside a large bubble room.Bowser than polluted the air, making it so
  • Mario Game: Super Mario CJ 1.0

    mario embarks on another adventure to save Princess Peach. Bowser has kidnapped her but this time he has planned it very well (undoubtedly with help from Kamek).mario dons different overalls and caps to become Super
  • Super Mario Sunshine 128 1.0

    Super mario Sunshine 128 of the well known Nintendo mario games series. Guide Super mario and make your way through the Mushroom Kingdom in this mario game mix between Super mario Sunshine and Super mario 64. Use the
  • Super Mario Flashy 1.0

    This mario game is the duplicate of original mario that's why it doesnot has good graphics. The fans of mario can play it. In this game you will use arrow keys for controlling the mario and your aim is to gather golden
  • Marios Journey 1.0

    mario's Journey will remind you of a classic non scrolling arcade game. The rules are very simple; just manage to get mario to the warp pipe located on the top of the level. It sounds very easy, but the actual task is
  • Super Mario Racing 2 1.0

    mario is racing again with Toad, Lugi, princess,Bowser,etc. However, It is not easy for mario to get to the first place, he will has to stop his opponents from passing him by taking all of them out of the race. Go and
  • Mario Game: Wario: Coin Snatcher 1.0

    Well, well. Looks like everyone's favorite money-obsessed plumber is in trouble yet again! This time, Wario thought it would be a good idea to rob the Mushroom Kingdom's coins! No problem for the great Wario, right?
  • Mario Game: Super Luigi Dreams 1.0

    Here it is! The long-awaited Super Luigi Dreams! mario is off to rescue Princess Peach, kidnapped yet again by Bowser, and Luigi is left at home doing chores. Suddenly when mario leaves, a fairy runs to the mario
  • Mario Game: Super Mario Dark 1.0

    mario is just getting out of bed when he hears a roar. Is is Bowser? mario runs out and sees a figure cloaked in shadow. He realizes it is Bowser when it breathes fire at him. mario is too tired to jump over it, and gets
  • Message of White Buffalo, Dendreah 2.0

    Dendreah or 'Desert Rose' in Lakota Sioux, the White Buffalo Woman who brought the Sacred Pipes to the Sioux people before the European invasion or contact. "walk in Peace. walk in Love. walk in Truth. walk in
  • Mario Kart Racing 1.0

    mario Kart Racing mario always wanted to learn to drive a kart. But for some reason mario can t fathom it. Can you help mario with controlling the kart and collect all the coins? Use your keyboard to play this
  • Super Mario Bros. Lost in BuzznLand 1.0

    mario is trapped in BuzznLand and his only option is to explore the surroundings. Super mario Bros. Lost in BuzznLand is a fun arcade game inspired by the mario series. Join mario in another great adventure in BuzznLand
  • Super Mario Bros. 2010 1.0

    Yet another mario fan game to play in your spare time. Super mario Bros. 2010 is a fantastic mario fan game that will take you through 8 challenging worlds in the Mushroom Kingdom. Play over 70 levels of pure mario fun
  • Wiering Charlie II 1.0

    Smooth scrolling mario-style action game about a cute little duck named Charlie. Collect all the diamonds and coins you can find and watch out for dangerous creatures. Jump on top of enemies to defeat them. Charlie can
  • Super Mario 3: Mario Forever Lost Map 1.0

    Super mario 3: mario Forever Lost Map 1.0 is an exciting game which is an additional campaign for mario Forever. mario found a lost map which leading to secret world. Again you must fight against Bowser minions and reach
  • Super Mario Playgrounds 1.0

    Super mario Playgrounds. The new adaptation of the mario Minix minigame included to mario Forever. beat all enemies on the screen and gather
  • Super Mario Playgrounds 1 1.0

    Super mario Playgrounds. The new adaptation of the mario Minix minigame included to mario Forever. beat all enemies on the screen and gather
  • Mario Game: Sneak n' Snore 1.0

    Oh no! mario has been captured and imprisoned in Bowser's Chomp Fortress! This kooky castle is home to many Chain Chomps, all trained specifically to end mario's game on sight! Time for mario to activate stealth mode